Charak urges administration to immediately restore 4G mobile internet connectivity in J&K

JAMMU, Mar 25: Member of Indian Red Cross Society J&K, Secretary International Human Right Organization and Chairman Nations Development Association NDA  Sushil Singh Charak on Wednesday urged administration to immediately restore 4G mobile internet connectivity in J&K to its optimal level so that people under lockdown may not face any kind of difficulty or delay in getting updated information on coronavirus or any statutory changes, which are recently being made quite often and are of vital importance as far as eliminating threat of COVID-19 spread is concerned.

In a statement issued here, the Chairman NDA said that restoring 4G internet is the prime necessity at present, as people need to get connected for information on hantavirus and coronavirus contagion, official circulars and orders, world scenario, study of children, medical aid, treatment and precautions besides maintaining contact with families.

In his tweet today,  I request the Honorable Prime Minister and the Home Minister to provide 4G Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir.

If the 4G internet runs in Jammu and Kashmir, people will know about the Corona virus and Hantavirus. Sushil Singh Charak said, “Restoration of 4G mobile internet in J&K is critical during this health emergency. It will help people stay informed, aware and connected with government guidelines, emergency services and family. It will also facilitate working from home for students and employees.”

During the lockdown in order to facilitate work from home and essential/ emergency services, it is necessary to provide 4G internet mobile services. Currently Jammu & Kashmir is only receiving 2G services on mobile internet.

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