Chahat and Aura bond on the sets of Barrister Babu

Colors’ Barrister Babu is a show that has entertained viewers with its unique storyline and introduced a host of interesting characters to viewers. With every episode, a new and exciting chapter unfolds in Bondita (played by Aura Bhatnagar) and Anirudh’s (played by Pravisht Mishra) life as we see the duo tackle several challenges and battle societal prejudices. Amidst all the drama that’s happening in front of the camera, a different scene has unfolded itself… behind it.
From studying together, playing games during their free time, to even posing together for pictures on social media; the two girls, Chahat and Aura, have become inseparable.
Says Aura Bhatnagar aka Bondita, “Chahat didi is very fun-loving, I enjoy her company. We eat lunch together, study together and we even make fun videos together. I am the eldest in my family, so I have always wanted an elder sister. Now I feel like Chahat didi is my elder sister! She takes care of me all the time and I have learnt a lot of new things from her. It’s good to not be the eldest sibling for a change.

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