Cancer cases increasing at an alarming level due to chemicals present in pesticides: experts

JAMMU, Feb 29 (Agencies): Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals organised a comprehensive OPD services in Jammu. Combined with an experienced team of specialized medical professionals, the hospital is committed towards providing world- class treatment at affordable price.
Commencement of OPD services is in line with Apollo Hospital’s and the mission of making quality and affordable healthcare facilities universal. The experts from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals brought best of the treatment options available for the people living in the adjoining areas. Combined with experienced team of specialized medical professionals, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is committed towards providing world- class treatment and patient care.
The massive increase in cancer in India is enigmatic. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data, India had 14 lakh cancer patients in 2016 and this number is expected to increase. Cancer is the second leading cause of adult death in urban and fourth rural India. India’s cancer incidence is estimated at 1.15 million new patients in 2018 and is predicted to almost double as a result of demographic changes alone by 2040.
Dr Sameer Kaul, Senior Consultant – Surgical Oncology said, “Cancers are caused by mutations that may be inherited, induced by environmental factors, or result from DNA replication errors. Aging is the main risk factor for carcinogenesis in multicellular animal organisms including humans. The number of cancer cases in Punjab is increasing at an alarming level, especially in rural areas due to the chemicals present in the pesticides. It is important to have regular screening for cancer as prevention and early diagnosis is the best solution, significantly increasing the chances of survival. New diagnostic methods are available today in addition to biopsy and radiography that help to predict the stage of cancer and survivability of the patients.”

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