BJP once again cheated people of J&K over protection of Lands and Jobs: Harsh Dev

JAMMU, Oct 28 (Agencies): Out rightly opposing and rejecting the new Land laws for UT of J&K notified by the GoI, Panther activists led by Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman JKNPP staged a protest demonstration in Jammu today. The protestors said that it was on insult to the vision of legendary ruler Maharaja Hari Singh who had introduced State Subject in 1927 to protect the Jobs and lands of locals. While setting ablaze the effigy of BJP government and raising slogans, the angry protesters accused Saffron party of arbitrarily notifying the said law against the wishes of the people. Speaking to the media, Harsh Dev Singh lambasted the BJP for playing politics of subterfuge which not only betrayed the mandate of the people but also triggered fear among the locals of an imminent demographic change and cultural erosion. “The new draconian Land law enacted by the government is a breach of trust with the people of J&K and Jammu region in particular. The BJP time and again assured the people that their right of land and jobs shall be safe guarded at all costs post abrogation of article 370 but the notification of the obnoxious law has sent ripples and shock waves among the people who are feeling cheated and hoodwinked”, said Harsh. He rued that the GoI had not only opened the doors of employment for the outsiders under the provisions of Domicile law but also facilitated them to purchase lands through the new Land law. He said that lands and jobs were no more secured for the local people and they feared that their interests, culture and identity were under grave threat. Admonishing the BJP govt for betraying the people, Harsh Dev Singh said that the Saffron regime was hell bent to change the demography of the UT and Jammu province in particular. “Jammu region has been bearing the brunt of the illegal settlement of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis. During the erstwhile BJP-PDP tenure, they were provided Adhar cards, Voter cards, admissions to their children in schools and lands for making temporary structures all across Jammu city. Will not the new Land law enable them to buy the plots here and provide them an opportunity to settle permanently? With their permanent settlement, the terror trade would flourish. And by facilitating the outsiders to purchase lands here would surely allow the land mafia to rule the roost. People of Jammu feel that they would be pitted against all odds and crisis in the days to come”, divulged Harsh. Drawing the attention of Ministry of Home Affairs, Harsh Dev Singh called upon the GoI to repeal the new law in conformity with the aspirations of the people. “Every sect of society here feels that their lands would be infringed by the outsiders. The influx of non locals would bring all kinds of socio-political menaces which would lead to conflicts. Revoke the law or get ready to face consequences. Panthers party would be forced to launch a vigorous mass movement to educate the masses regarding the evil import of new legislation until the Land law is done away with”, Harsh said.

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