BJP Govt has cheated J&K youth over Domicile Law: NPP

JAMMU, Apr 2: Accusing the BJP govt. of having betrayed the trust of the people of J&K, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister today described the newly enacted Domicile Law as an obnoxious piece of super-imposed legislation. By throwing open the J&K employment avenues, except a part of Class-IV jobs, to the outside States, the BJP led govt. had caused the greatest disappointment to the educated unemployed, said Singh. “This is the greatest dis-service to the youth of J&K, Infact, a dacoity committed upon the rights of the J&K youth said Singh adding that the govt. move would be opposed tooth and nail. He was addressing the media persons today during the course of a protest dharna lodged by him in Jammu today seeking revocation of Domicile Law.
Reminding the BJP of the tall promises made by its leaders post Article 370 abrogation of protecting the rights of educated unemployed youth of J&K, Singh regretted that the actual delivery had been in inverse proportion to the articulation of the said promises. New appointment had been altogether stopped after August 5, 2019. And now, the youth of J&K had been robbed of their existing share in employment by throwing open the jobs in the new UT to outsiders, lamented Singh. “If the govt. had to issue such an obnoxious order, then why did it wait for around eight months? And why did it suspend the entire recruitment process in the new UT for so long?” questioned Singh.
Describing the new law as devious, totalitarian and sinister, Singh said that the BJP has played a cruel joke with the aspiring youth of J&K which could cost it dearly. “It first aroused lots of expectations amongst the youth in the form of a Domicile Law which it said would protect their interests. The unemployed were assured day in and day out of a job bonanza awaiting them in the near future. The huge noisy frolic and extravaganza of the BJP’s motor mouths infact has had the effect of silencing all those who expressed genuine apprehensions over the loss of jobs in the new UT. And the cat if finally out of the bag with BJP once again revealing itself in its true colours” asserted Singh.
“The BJP govt. has crushed the sentiments of the J&K youth and trampled upon their aspirations. J&K has a very limited jobs market in the absence of private sector. And opening the said jobs to outsiders only amounts to denying them those employment opportunities which were available to them prior to State’s Reorganization. The youth have been belittled and betrayed. And the Panthers Party would stand toe to toe and shoulder to shoulder with the aggrieved unemployed youth who have been divested of their existing rights by a narcissistically self flagellated regime” said Singh. He appealed that highly obnoxious Domicile Law would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of BJP.
Harsh Dev said that he sat on protest dharna alone as he did not want any assembly of persons due to the Corona pandemic.

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