Bhalla salutes all fighting corona virus for us leaving their families

JAMMU, Mar 25: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Wednesday urged LG Murmu Administration to provide free ration to those in need, during the national lockdown.”In the light of this crisis, I would urge government to provide free ration to all those in need until the lockdown continues, which will be over and above the provisions of the Food Security Act.”Until the lockdown, the identification process of beneficiaries may be waived off,” he said.Bhalla expressed his concern about the poor, daily wage labourers, farmers and the marginalized. “They will be the biggest suffers in our war against this pandemic,” he said. He also sought that the allocation of PM-Kisan be tripled and the entire outstanding sum be transferred to all the identified beneficiaries in two tranches. Further, the government may consider providing similar cash transfer to needy and they may be identified from the pool of Jan Dhan account holders, Bhalla said. Bhalla also asked the government to create a National Corona Fund with three main objectives – help states recover some of the costs of this pandemic; provide relief to small businesses, farmers & daily wage earners; and fund testing kits, vaccine research and other necessary innovation.

Bhalla requested LG to take immediate steps for rescuing the daily wage workers and poor families whose livelihoods have come under severe threat because of lack of daily work during lockdowns and curfews.”The government should provide poor families with ration for two months consisting of rice, edible oil, pulses, sugar, vegetables and other essential commodities. This should be delivered to their doorsteps. In addition, Rs. 5,000 financial assistance should be given to each family in this time of extreme distress,” Bhalla  said. He expressed concern over almost 300% hike in the vegetable prices in the open market and demanded government intervention with serious action on black marketers and middlemen.

India is fighting a big battle against the coronavirus in spite of its old and weak system. This has been possible because our system has shown a strong will. Therefore every warrior fighting this battle should be respected. Your message to these real heroes of the country will boost their morale and will add strength to this fight. Even when the demonetization took place, the employees of the bank also worked like this. They worked till late at night and did not take any holiday. The employees did not even get the money for working overtime. The way government employees are engaged in fighting the corona virus today has again told us that they are the real warriors for the country in times of crisis.

People who are working day and night for you and your safety are your unknown heroes. With the help of such warriors, the government and the system are fighting against Corona but as a society, we also have a responsibility. There have been reports about many people who fled from the hospital when they were kept in isolation on suspicion of infection, but the police caught and brought them back, Bhalla added. We must be vigilant and responsible. We all should try to help at our ends because the caution is more important than the fear of the virus. Symptoms can include fever, cough and difficulty breathing — very similar to a cold or flu. Some people can develop a more severe illness. People most at risk of this include older adults and people with severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease. If you develop symptoms, contact public health authorities, Bhalla advised. To prevent the virus from spreading; experts recommend frequent hand washing and coughing into your sleeve. And if you get sick, stay at home.

Thank you all the doctors, nurses, caregivers, armed forces, support staff, airport staff & everyone else out there working relentlessly for us in these difficult times, Bhalla said. For millions of homeless, low-income or disabled people, however, running water can be a luxury, remote work isn’t an option and social distancing in a shelter or densely packed public housing is next to impossible. Never mind the difficulty of self-isolation or getting medical care for corona virus concerns. Bhalla stressed upon the need for speeding up preventive measures on war-footing in accordance with the government’s latest guidelines of putting suspected cases and foreign returnee’s compulsorily in quarantine and for taking all steps to prevent community transmission of the disease.

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