Bhalla cautions people against nefarious self-designed political agenda of BJP

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JAMMU, Nov 20: Giving fillip to DDC election campaign in Jammu district on Friday, former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla made a fervent appeal to people to give befitting defeat to BJP during the ongoing DDC elections to protect age old secular credentials of Jammu and Kashmir.
Former Minister was addressing huge public gathering in favour of Congress candidate Gurmeet Kour at Panchayat Kirpalpur Charkan Mandal in Marh constituency.
Prominent among those present on the occasion include former MLA Balwan Singh , Block President Sodagar Singh Saini, Block President Amrit Bali, Corporater Yudvir Singh, Vijay Sharma Babbi, Devidyal Sharma, Bubby Sharma, Ravipaul Sharma, Pawan Bhagat, Sunil Slathia, Ashok Kumar, Surinder Sharma, Darshan Motton, Swran Singh, Panch Raj Kumar, Pawan Bhagat, Jatin Vashisht, Bhagat beside others.
Bhalla maintained that ongoing DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir was an opportunity to teach a lesson to those who betrayal people of J&K with their anti people called upon the people to come out in larger numbers to vote for Congress candidates. He urged the people to give massive mandate to Congress which has proved its dedication for public service in past.
He said ongoing election process has provided a golden opportunity to the people to defeat evil designs of vested interests. There is an urgent need for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to stand united against those who consistently failed to address sentiments and aspirations of people of J&K.
Former Minister said that people should vote for Congress party which has track record of rendering public service in past despite all heavy odds. He said DDC elections imperative for Jammu and Kashmir for its socio- political survival as well as for equitable and need based development at gross roots level. He cautioned the people against nefarious designs of forces who want to divide communities to satiate their self-designed political agenda. He urged the people to stand guard like a rock to protect centuries old traditions of brotherhood, communal harmony and secularism which are the hallmark of Jammu and Kashmir’s composite and pluralistic ethos.
Bhalla observed that there is underdevelopment in most of the areas and there is resentment among the people in view of growing disconnection with the Govt. He said that the BJP has befooled the people with its hollow slogans and assurances which were never fulfilled. The people of Jammu region had given BJP huge mandate in 2014 assembly in the erstwhile state on the slogans of development. However, there is no development which has exposed the BJP which is playing the emotional card,” he alleged. He said that “People should understand that the Congress Party has always stood for the downtrodden section of society and represents the weaker section without biasness.”“BJP is a political party of rich people and industrialists. The neglected section of society should remember the contribution of Congress Party in various welfare schemes for the upliftment of the neglected classes, Scheduled Castes, Schedule Tribes, middle class, lower middle class and other sections of the society,” said Bhalla.
Bhalla said that Congress’s mission to serve the public will reach further high and expressed confidence of her win in the upcoming polls.“Congress Party has done a lot for people of her area and I am sure the Party’s candidate will be rewarded for that by the public in the DDC elections. The endless love, support and blessing of people, along with Kour’s commitment to Congress’ people-friendly policies will see her triumph over her competitors,” said Bhalla. He assured gathering that Congress Party will continue to work for the wellbeing of the people, despite the concocted and false propaganda unleashed by the BJP against the Party. Lashing out at the BJP Govt, Bhalla said that Congress Party won’t be cowed down by the anti-Congress rant by the BJP, rather it will further strengthen our resolve to fight for the people’s rights. People have realized as to what BJP has done since it assumed power at Centre and erstwhile J&K State and how it pushed people of J&K to wall for electoral gains.
Speaking on the occasion, Congress candidate Gurmeet Kour appealed people to teach a lesson to those who exploited the gullibility of innocent masses by their seductive slogans during elections and subsequently abandoned them after attaining power”, she said. Having the history of toppling stable state governments, in an attempt to feed its power hungry giants, the party considered its 2014’s short-lived collation with PDP as a mere opportunity to attain power in J&K. People were promised moons and stars , promised every Indian fifteen lakh rupees, lakhs of jobs, free homes, toilets etc. but brought India on the verge of recession. For these poor opportunists, they forgot to understand that these were merely promises and had nothing to do with the reality, added Gurmeet Kour.
Balwan Singh said that DDC Elections were the best opportunity for the people to defeat the designs of BJP, who were desperate enough to grab power. He added and emphasized the people to strengthen the Secular Forces by casting their vote in favour of the Congress Party in these (DDC) Elections, ensuring that the BJP and its divisive policies were defeated. He also said Congress will continue to fight against the wrong policies of BJP and won’t compromise on people’s wishes and rights. The party which come to power on the slogan of empowerment of Jammu region and its people gave the worst nightmares to Dogras whose very self respect and honour was often compromised by the mandated leaders for lust of power. Those who could not even fulfill the demand of Dogras for holiday on Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday had no right to ask the people for votes, asserted Singh.Calling upon the people to defeat all BJP sponsored candidates, Singh said that Congress confronting the authoritarian BJP regime and fighting for the rights of the common man.He said that peoples’ power should manifest itself in these local bodies elections by discarding those political parties which had deserted them after attaining power.

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