Army celebrates 71st Republic Day in Palampur

PALAMPUR, Jan 24: As a prelude to Republic Day Celebrations, Dah Division organised a Weapons and Military Pipes and Drums display for general populace and school children on 24 Jan 2020 at Vikram Batra Stadium, Palampur.
The event was organised with an aim to commemorate 71st Republic Day as also to increase awareness about Army. The highlights of the event were Weapon Display, Military Pipes and Drums Band Display, Gatka Martial Art, Bhangra and Khukri Martial Dance.
Army Recruitment Office (ARO), Palampur also disseminated information on various avenues for joining the Defence Forces to youth present in the event.
The event was inaugurated by the Deputy General Officer Commanding, Dah Division along with AK Sarial, Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University, Palampur in presence of other dignitaries from Civil Administration and Army Units of the area.
Around 1200 children and 350 civilians thronged the event which was an overall success as it renewed the sense of pride in all present for the army.
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Manipal Hospitals, Delhi unveils Super-specialty OPD session in Jammu JAMMU, Jan 24: Manipal Hospitals, Delhi, part of India’s leading healthcare network, in a bid to offer World class healthcare services and make the same accessible to the people of Jammu will be conducting a super Speciality OPD services on 25th January, 2020.
The Super Speciality OPD would be conducted across three departments i.e. Cardiology, Orthopedics and Liver Transplant.
The session brought leading experts from Orthopedics, Cardiology and Liver transplantation departments to shed light on various lifestyle-driven diseases and other common ailments. The session not only offered information on their treatment methodologies, but also educated the people on how such diseases can be avoided.
Dr Rajeev Verma, Head- Dept. of Joint Replacement & Orthopedics led the discussion on increasing knee disease burden globally, “Unhealthy lifestyle habits, along with growing epidemic of obesity, contributes to the increasing burden of knee diseases and other bone diseases such as arthritis. Constant sitting and not enough exercise deteriorates the health and strength of bones. It leads to stiff joints, and weakening of knee cartilage, which makes it difficult for the affected individuals to even perform simple tasks such as climbing the stairs, bending down or even standing up for too long. In such cases, we suggest a knee replacement, or a partial knee replacement, to the affected individuals depending on the severity of the case.”
He elucidated about the recent case of a 60 years old Tanzanian-National Ravindra Aggarwal, who was told by the doctors in his home country that he would have to undergo a full knee replacement, “When he came to Manipal Hospitals, Delhi for treatment, my team and I examined him and determined that his case does not merit such an invasive and harsh treatment. We explained to him that he would benefit more from a partial-knee replacement procedure. He agreed and just one day after the operation, he started to walk without any pain. The operation significantly improved his quality of life and today, he is leading a pain-free life.”
Dr Sanjay Kumar, Consultant- Dept. of Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery said, “Cardiovascular diseases have increased exponentially in India over the last few years. This can majorly be contributed to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as consumption of junk foods, lack of exercise, stressful environments, excessive smoking and alcohol abuse. Recently, increasing levels of pollution, especially in Northern India, has also become a cause of cardiovascular diseases. It is important to raise awareness about these critical factors among the masses to tackle the relentlessly growing disease burden. Good diet, full of fresh fruits, green vegetables and fibre-rich grains, along with low intake of salt and oily food items, is vital for good cardio-health. This, in combination, with regular physical activity, drastically reduces one’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.”

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