Army airlifts over 100 stranded civilians from Gurez valley

SRINAGAR, Jan 28 (Agencies): The Dawar Battalion of Indian Army’s Snow Leopard Brigade airlifted more than 100 stranded civilians including critically ill patients and elderly people from Gurez valley in Jammu and Kashmir. The valley is has been cut off from Kashmir and a large number of locals have been stranded since early November due to heavy snowfall.
On January 27, the Dawar Garrison of Indian Army received an urgent request from civil administration for early evacuation of serious patients and other civilians. In a joint effort, the Army and Air Force evacuated 27 females, 81 males and six children including three critical patients from the Dawar and Sonarwain helipads.
The Dawar helipad was made operational despite heavy snow cover in record time. Necessary succour and administrative support in the cold weather conditions were also provided by the army at the helipads. The Medical Officer of the Dawar Battalion stabilised the patients at the helipad before they were evacuated by air.

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