Adher to unity doctrines of Imam e Azam Hazrat Abu Hanifa: Renzushah

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BARAMULLA, Feb 6: While addressing spiritual gathering at the inaugural ceremony of Shahbaz Qalander Hall abode of Qalender Amin Sahib at Ijara, Boniyar, Khawaja Farooq Renzushah, Chairman Jamaat Aitqaad International, emphasised that by adhering to doctrines of Imam e Azam Hazrat Abu Hanifa, Kashmir can protect the esteemed identity of 7777 Awaliyas who made Kashmir proud during last 700 years.
In his inaugural keynote address, Renzushah said that Kashmir is an abode of Mystery and it’s civilization has been made preponderant with the blessing of all Hanafi Sufi Awaliyas who were denigrated after the majority of Hanafi culture was divided into pieces in 1947.
The division of Kashmir in 1947 was engineered by Kashmir politicians of the time having lust of power and greed to take over reigns by unfurling communist ideology flags, he said.
Renzushah complimented the new generation vibrant Youth of Kashmir who shows zealous yearning to understand the true civilization characteristics of our Kashmir.
He said that because of the lack of knowledge some 5th failed preachers are not able to enlighten people about the iconic 7777 great Awaliyas who enriched Kashmir with precious treasures of love and unity.
He said present social media is the true source to find the location of all such treasures scattered in all nooks and corners of Kashmir.
He said people should not forget the revolution of 1321 Ce, when Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist joined hands to defeat faithless Mongol Zulqadar Khan Dulcha decedent of Halaqou khan.
Renzushah said that the strength of unity of all faiths Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists can be understood from all reliable chronicles by the historical fact that this synergy of our strength ensured the defeat of massive forces of Zulqadar khan Dulcha in 1321 CE Revolution who also set Kashmir on Fire like Baghdad.
Renzushah said that those who divided the people of Kashmir for sake of power have proved treacherous against our proud culture and knowledge. He expressed gratitude to Hazrat Qalender Amin sahib for elevating Shahbaz Qalender Hall to a higher position.

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