4G-mobile internet will help in fighting spread of COVID-19 in J&K: Bukhari

SRINAGAR, Mar 17 (Agencies): Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) president Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on tuesday urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to restore high speed mobile internet, one of the prerequisites, in taking up preventing measures against the spread of Coronavirus-19 in Jammu and Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, Mr Bukhari said that restoration of 4G mobile internet services in Jammu and Kashmir would enable people, especially the students to remain engaged inside their homes, thereby effectively containing the global pandemic COVID-19.
The JKAP president said that since all the educational institutes are closed in Jammu and Kashmir, the students have been left with no option but to remain idle in homes, which has a telling impact on their future.
He said that as COVID-19 spreads at an alarming rate, the public health officials have called for minimal public gatherings—which is pushing many activities online. ‘The issue is particularly severe for schools, where the risk of spreading the disease is high. As many J&K schools have shifted to online lesson plans, home restricted students are running into the limitations of mobile internet services, which leave most of them unable to connect to their new online classrooms or download lesson plans,’ Mr Bukhari remarked.
He said that since all schools, colleges and universities are closed as a result of novel coronavirus scare, millions of students are missing classes, creating an ‘unparalleled’ education disruption in the region.
‘Earlier, our students missed classes due to disruptions created by August 5, 2019 decisions and now the novel corona virus outbreak has posed a serious challenge to our children to cope up with their counterparts in the country who enjoy all other educational facilities including high speed mobile internet,’ Mr Bukhari said, while demanding immediate restoration of 4G mobile internet services in J&K.
Similarly, the JKAP president opined that the business community and a large section of the people who are working in the private sector are unable to do their businesses or duties as usual.
Mr Bukhari expressed hope that the restoration of high speed mobile internet will go a long way in easing out the situation not only for the home confined youth in their pursuit of career advancement as also in their academic odyssey but for the business community and vast majority working in the private sector.
‘The tourism trade has also received a big hit in absence of high speed mobile internet services while businesses including tour and travel operators, chartered accounts, call centres, fresh start-ups and entrepreneurs have also suffered hugely,’ he said, while urging Mr Shah to order restoration of 4G mobile internet services in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

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